Talking to your dentist will help them advise you better and help you in taking proper and better care of your teeth. This is especially true, if you ask them necessary questions.

Here we have listed a few important questions that you must ask any dentist in College Station. Besides, any reputed and experienced dentist will be able to reply to these questions efficiently, and thereby provide you with the information you need. So, let’s see what these questions are…

5 questions to ask a dentist

  • How can I practice better oral hygiene at home?

Apart from daily brushing and flossing, there are many things that you can do to maintain good oral hygiene. By understanding your routine, your dentist will be able to guide you better in this regards.

Some of the basic recommendations made by most College Station dentist are:

  • Use fluoride containing products
  • Avoid or limit high sugar food items
  • Including fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Avoid tobacco
  • What is Sensitivity?

Sensitivity is a common issue faced by many. Even if you don’t have it, knowing about it can be helpful. Sensitivity is basically a pain which a person experienced why having very hot or cold, sweet or acid food items. Usually, sensitivity is a result of thinned tooth enamel. However, for many, it can be a result of…

  • Weakened gums
  • Tooth grinding
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Orthodontics
  • Fillings
  • Tooth whitening products
  • How can I avoid problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, etc.?

The easiest way to avoid any dental issue is maintaining proper dental care routine twice a day. Take a healthy diet, and visit your dentist for routine checkups. Also, if you are facing conditions like diabetes or HIV/AIDS, discuss it with your dentist, as these conditions can adversely affect your dental health too.

  • How often should I use a mouthwash?

Cosmetic mouthwashes can help you maintain fresh breath, healthy teeth color, and fight cavities. Some prescription mouthwashes are even designed with an intention to kill bacteria that cause inflammation, bleeding and formation of plaque. After examining your teeth, your dentist will be able to recommend a perfect mouthwash, and the routine of its usage.

  • How frequently should I get a dental checkup?

Dental health varies, and so does the necessity of regular checkup. However, it is usually recommended to go for a routine dental checkup at least twice a year.

When you discuss dental issues, and ask proper questions, a dentist will be able to give you appropriate customized information and suggestions. So, the next time you meet your dentist, don’t hesitate in asking questions.