Many people suffer from different type of dental issues while few of them will be resolved easily others will affect the other teeth that needs special treatment to sort out. This kind of problems usually occur when you do not visit a dentist regularly, as tooth damage and decay become worse if not treated on time.

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Full mouth reconstruction         

It is the combination of different dental treatments to restore the teeth in upper arch or lower arch or both the arches of the mouth. This procedure will be done for few months and after the treatment the patient attains attractive and functional teeth.

Actually, it is a complex surgery, so different specialists will be involved in the procedure at different stages of the treatment. Your dentist will assess your teeth and explains what exactly is needed to restore your gums and jaw.

The following are few common treatments and procedure involved in full mouth reconstruction. They are:

Soft tissue/ bone grafting – These are required to provide support to the restored teeth and to rebuild bite. Either the patient’s bone tissue or donor’s tissue (usually harvested from the hip) is used to restore lost bone mass.

Tooth extraction – Decayed and damaged teeth recovered by a cavity treatment or root canal will be removed to set for the full mouth reconstruction.

Scaling and root planning – It helps to remove the bacteria build up under gum line and protects the jaw, tooth, and gums health. Also, it smoothens the dental surfaces under your gum line.

In addition to these other treatments including gum grafting, tooth-colored fillings, root canal, dental cleaning, orthodontic treatments, crown lengthening, dental implants, and more will be performed in the full mouth reconstruction process. By doing this, you can attain an attractive smile after the procedure.

In case, you are suffering from missing teeth, gum diseases, and other, then contact a reliable dentist to check up your oral condition. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gives an advice for full mouth reconstruction or your dentist will refer you to other dentist who is specialized in restorative procedures.