Often due to many silly reasons, we fail to visit the dentist though the nagging problem continue to trouble us.

However, there are few warning signs that we should never ignore and if I have any dentists near me then I will not try to postpone my visit. We can certainly save money by visiting a dentist earlier.

  • Observe bleeding after brushing/flossing

If you observe blood on the toothbrush or in the sink then it is not normal. This may indicate that you are developing certain gum disease which is an infection of tissues which hold the teeth in place.

If left untreated, the gum disease may lead to loss of bone around teeth and eventually loss of tooth.

  • Receding gums

Gum recession can often occur due to aging process and almost 88% of people above 65 may experience recession of gums around the tooth. Also, recession is indication of gum disease.

Whatever may be the cause, receding gums may expose your delicate roots of the teeth and increase the decay risk, pain, infection and tooth loss.

  • Dry mouth

Healthy mouth will be well lubricated by your saliva, that washes away all food particles and will neutralize the acids that is produced by plaque. In case, your mouth becomes unusually dry, then it may be a sign of illness.

Dentist will decide what is the reason for your dry mouth, he may suggest suitable remedies for that.

  • Loose teeth

Usually adult teeth must last full lifetime. In case, you notice any movement or wide gaps then take it seriously. Either it is a sign of certain infection or it can be bone loss.

You must also look for any changes in your teeth and how it fits together as and when you try to bite.

  • Bumps and sores

If it is common canker sores then it will clear up on its own in couple of weeks. However, any other oral lesion must be treated.

Any fungal infection known as thrush, or candidiasis, may show up like white sores on your tongue, tonsils, inner cheek or roof of the mouth.

Those having diabetes will be more prone to such thrush.

  • Toothache

Well, if you face repeating toothaches then it should never be ignored. There can be many reasons of pain and sensitivity like cavity, broken teeth, abscess, damaged filling or even grinding your teeth.